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reSearch 2020 mit Renate Graziadei

Wir freuen uns riesig, dass Renate Graziadei dieses Jahr in der Karwoche Zeit hat, in Vorarlberg einen reSearch zu geben.

Thema: Body / Space / Time

Inhalt: Each day of the research will start with a warm up introducing concepts and aspects from several anatomically based movement systemswhich will prepare the body and mind to be receptive and prepared for moving in a logical , detailed and precise way without loosing once own individual expression. We will work on achieving an efficient body alignment as a base to move from. As the warm up gets more physical we begin to train various muscle groups, connections and actions working with gravity as our partner until we finally approach a choreographic material in which all the previous concepts can be applied.After the warm up I would like to work in a lab type format to be able to experiment and explore with the participants different aspects of the Theme "Body, Space & Time“. Within the 4 day research we will be mostly concerned with - short term constructions - in order to explore multiple methods for generating movement material in relation to the Theme, its logic, and how it reads to an „Audience“. The evolution of the research will be mostly determined by the results of each day. New tasks for the next day will be formed within the group in response to our previous explorations, questions, findings and group discussions.

Zeit: 6.-9. April 2020, jeweils 11.00 - 17.00 Uhr, inkl. 1h Pause, tanzRaum in der Annagasse
Kosten: 180,00 € regulär | 150,00 € für Mitglieder von netzwerkTanz und der ig tanz ost | 100,00 € für studierende Mitglieder
Anmeldung bis zum 20. März mit unten verlinktem Anmeldeformular



Renate Graziadei. Fotos: Phil Dera

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