Contemporary Class with Eva

My name is Eva and I’m a new dancing instructor from Greece. My passion is Contemporary Dance and flow movement. In dancing, I love discovering new ways of movement and learning new things about myself and my body.
I started at a very young age, so I’m a student and a dancer for almost 20 years now. The journey of knowledge in dance never stops and it will never stop. You always have something new to unlock and discover.
I started teaching Contemporary Dance 7 years ago and that particular time of experience gave me the ability to analyse the main core and the technique of my movement and therefore pass my knowledge to my students.

In this classroom, not only will
you decode the basic principles of Contemporary dance, but also, through improvisation, you will discover new paths with your body and explore new aspects of yourself.
Join us to a 90 minute lesson and surpass your mind and body limits. Become the most playful and joyful version of yourself while gaining new skills!

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