Luigi Guerrieri GROUNDED Foto: Franzi Kreis
Luigi Guerrieri GROUNDED Foto: Franzi Kreis

Luigi Iesus Guerrieri

Eine Videoverfilmung (Franzi Kreis und Lukas Beck) von “Deine Mutter!”, eine Arbeit von Luigi Guerrieri, die im Rahmen von CHANGING SPACES Wien Vorarlberg 2019 entstanden ist.

DEINE MUTTER! is a choreography of insults, an insulting choreography about my mother and yours! It is the celebration of the cathartic power of cursing and swearing, beyond the stereotypes of aggression and violence. How can I talk about my mum while insulting yours? How many times do I have to repeat “son of a bitch” till it looses its linguistic and cultural meaning? Till your and my private patriarchal system will crash? This performance is a collective liberating moment. I curse for you and for me, at the rhythm of my high heels. FUUUUUCK!

I am a performance artist with a background in Cultural Anthropology based in Vienna. My work focuses on the meeting point between movement, improvisation and storytelling, combining academic and artistic research. In my projects I often questions strong enfleshed cultural concepts such as hegemonic masculinity or I literally apply common sayings like “son of a bitch” or “to jump for joy”. During my spare time I love to play around Social Media, creating short video-performances on TikTok and Instagram and I write a blog. My last performance FLOWERS premiered at WUK Wien in 2022.